At some point someone took Slater to win a heat and was giving 2-1 odds for anyone that would take the bet. But you never bet against Slater.

When it comes to perfect Pipeline, there a few names that come to mind. But these days it seems like anyone that is good enough to get a draw in a heat, they are good enough to potentially get the heat winning wave.

But Kelly Slater proved once again that he is the best surfer in the world. Even though it was the best Pipe of the year, the two best Pipe surfers in the world were in the semis and finals respectively, the 44 year old confirmed his status as the best of all time.

Highlights didn’t end with those guys though. The rest of the field took advantage of a pumping North West swell and perfect conditions to bag some of the best waves of the year.

Once again, the Volcom Pipe Pro proved to be the best and most entertaining qualifying event of the year.