It’s Raining in paradise and you love it. It’s a tropical rain, the air is warm with a slight breeze blowing through your open bedroom door. You overlook the vast Pacific as rain falls through beams of light, starkly contrasted by the dark green canopies of palm trees in the distance.

You watch the rain fall like it is something to do, something to enjoy even, and why not enjoy it?

The sound of waves gently lapping on the beach below drowns the children’s laughs that rise from the rainy day activities of families on vacation.

As the rain begins to ease, you dread the end of nature’s show. Rather than enjoying the sights and sounds of the squall, you will soon just be staring out the window, and for some reason the difference is enormous. You think about the natural beauty that remains in front of you despite the falling rain, but an overwhelming feeling of boredom overcomes you.

How is it that with the rain falling outside your door you were delightfully entertained, but now, with the sun piercing the clouds and the rain reversing into the sky, you gaze out the very same window, a mere moment later, and find nothing but boredom, and fear, and dread?