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It’s an odd thing, the romanticism of the new. You see it in all forms, mainly in the consumer world more commonly known as “retail therapy.” But is also has a deeper root, beyond the material world of new products. It has a root in the soul.

It comes out when you hear a new song that you immediately become hooked on. It’s that feeling when you meet a new friend that you instantly connect with on a real level, or when you discover a new hobby that you never knew you would have liked before.

But one of the places that this romanticism shines the most is in travel. It is in fact the very basis for most people’s love of travel. It is that feeling that consumes your being when you step off a plane in a location you’ve never been and smell air that you’ve never smelled, and seen things and places and people you’ve never seen. What is that feeling?

It’s that feeling that makes getting caught and lost in a rain storm an adventure instead of a nuisance. It’s what makes struggling to decide on a place to eat, or go, or thing to do part of the fun instead of an annoyance. It’s a fresh perspective, a new beginning or a long lost goal achieved. It’s all these things rolled into one. It can be perfectly described an yet it is beyond words.

Of course the new doesn’t stay new forever. This is why that rain storm may not have the same effect on you at the end of your travels as it did at the start. The charming village you explored upon arrival is now just a humdrum parade of restaurants you don’t necessarily enjoy anymore and smiles that have turned to glares. You move on and strive to achieve that feeling again in a new place, but you begin to realize the places themselves weren’t the source of the feelings so much as the inspiration.

You cannot replicate the new, it has to happen naturally. You have to let it happen. You have to let it be, you gotta roll with the punches, turn the page, be in the now. You have to be a living cliche, because cliches don’t come from nowhere. They come from experience and success and real life. They come from people who have felt that all consuming feeling over and over again and have learned how to keep it going.

When you’ve achieved being a living cliche with a style that is distinctly yours, you have achieved true art in living.

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