The masses descend on the beach at Huntington for mysterious reasons. The basis of which seems to be more diverse than the pieces of the mass itself.

Some arrive to be spectators, others to be specated. Most are both of these.

A novel of inappropriate, sexual suggestions tagged on pages of skin, sits on the shelf of the dust bowl. Faith in humanity drops a notch with every read.

Just beyond the dust rests the Pacific, and the reason we are all really there in the first place. Waves that have traveled thousands of miles are reaching their destination, and the best surfers in the world are harnessing them. The one that does it the best wins a lot of money.

We show it to the world. People are engaged, interested, fanatic. Each ridden wave contributing to the justification of our sport. Winners and losers, dramatic last minute victories, emotional backstories and the battle for a world champion. They are all testaments to the difference between the sport and the downfall of human behavior taking place next door.

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