Even surfers that love sunset beach, don’t really love it. The sadistic nature of Sunset advocates reveals itself in their claims of “Sunset is my favorite wave on the North Shore.” But everyone knows that no one actually wants to love Sunset, you just have to.

Without it, we would be left with nothing to prove at the “Proving Grounds.” Our “Seven Mile Miracle” would most often be seven miles of unmanageable, nightmare-ish conditions that would only see a few hundred yards of glory.

Sunset Beach is where hard charging, big board yielding, rail carving surfing still exists. It is a direct and unclinching link to the past and the development of Hawaiian surfing. And without Hawaiian surfing, what would surfing be?

Sunset Beach is for last chances. It is for the Adam Melling’s of the surfing world. When all you have left is how you perform on the wave under your board at any given moment. When all you need is that mediocre back up score to get you in to the next heat. Sunset Beach is for keeping the dream alive.

The bastard love child of the North Shore is for the sparse moments of brilliance, the abundance of carnage, the infinite amount of variables that reaffirm our belief in the Seven Mile Miracle year after year.

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