The first event of the Triple Crown is a warm up for everyone involved.

It is for the surfers to get accompanied to competing in Hawaii for another season. It is for the locals to compare another year of surfing at home to the rest of the world’s best surfers, surfing the world. It is for the businesses to accompany the rush of another mass pilgrimage to surfing’s Mecca. It is for the broadcast crew to take another step in a progressive direction for showcasing surfing to the world. It is for the editor of the highlights to establish a workflow that will ultimately determine the outcome of over 14 Terabytes of media into 11 short highlight videos that tell the story of 3 surf contests over the course of 6 weeks.

It is for Seabaass. For 6 years of grinding sloppy events just for a shot at showing the world what he can really do. For stomping his feet in the wax of an historic Triple Crown run. It is for finding the story in the places your wouldn’t expect.

It is for taking a deep breath of the special air that floats over the Hawaiian Islands and realizing you are exactly where you need to be.

Final Day Highlights:

Day 3 Highlights:

Day 2 Highlights:

Day 1 Highlights: